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ROXXY Brushless Outrunner C28-34-10 880kv
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ROXXY ® Brushless motors are the latest from the masters of quality - Multiplex.

These motors are a no compromise range for those that want the best and are prepared to pay that little extra for it. They simply ooze quality and are manufactured from the very best materials for the job to give an efficient, smooth running and long lasting powertrain that you know your model deserves!

There is a huge range available as well - something for everyone!



Maximum copper fill combined with high-quality Neodymium magnets for supreme efficiency.
Replaceable motor shaft.
Oversize precision ballraces for smooth turbine like running.
Motor can be either front or rear mounted
Supplied complete with propeller driver, silicone cables and gold-contact connectors.


Suitable for

E-gliders up 1100 gram

Scale and Sport to 800 gram

Aerobatics and 3D to 550 gram


KV (RPMv): 880

Width: 28 mm

Length: 34 mm

Weight: 58g

Shaft diameter: 3.175mm

Voltage Range: 7-15V

Motor Wattage: 260W

Continuous Current: Dependent on prop usage, please see Roxxy Prop chart download below

Burst Current: Dependent on prop usage, please see Roxxy Prop chart download below

Battery Recommendation: 2-4S LiPo 

Prop Recommendation: Please see Roxxy Prop chart download below


Package Contents

As per photo above

pdfTo download a PDF of the Instruction Manual please click here

pdfTo download a PDF of the Prop Chart please click here

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