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Flycolor 40a LV ESC with Switch Mode BEC


Low price doesn't have to mean low quality, and because we buy these direct from the manufacturer you get these superb quality ESC's at an unbeatable price.

All feature superior Switch Mode (SBEC) BEC's and incorporate a custom designed, high performance MCU processor for smooth running, accurate linear throttling and long service life.

Flycolor ESC's are easy to programme via the transmitter or you can use the optional programming card.

The 40A version is well specified, being able to run on up to 6s packs and offering a generous 4A BEC with 5.5v output, so you can get the extra speed and torque from 6v servos without stressing them.


bullet Uses a powerful custom MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) processor
bullet Supports unlimited RPM
bullet Strong anti-interferance circuit design
bullet Adjustable start mode parameters
bullet Can be used for both fixed wing and helicopters
bullet Adjustable low voltage threshold
bullet Features SBEC (Switch Mode BEC) for strong starting power and low power dissipation
bullet Multi Protection Functions: abnormal input voltage, low battery protection, Overheat Protection, Lost Signal

bullet Good Safety Performance, the motor will not start at powerup regardless of the throttle position
bullet Overheat protection, output power will lower to 50% if the ESC reaches over 100º and recover when the temperature lowers.

ESC battery & motor wires are supplied bare ended for you to fit your own connectors.

pdf To download a PDF of the ESC instruction book please click here

pdf To download a PDF of the Programming Card instructions please click here


Flycolor Programming Card
If you don't like programming from the transmitter then this easy to use programming card is the ideal partner for your Flycolor ESC. With this card setting features is a breeze, you will find yourself experimenting with different settings much more and changes at the field are so easy.


gifOutput gif40a (60A burst)
gifInput Voltage gif2 to 6 cell Li-Po, or 5 to 18 cellNi-MH/Ni-Cd
gifBEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) gif5.5V/4A, Switch Mode
gif45mm x 29mm x 15mm
gifWeight gif37g
gifRefresh rate of the throttle signal: gif50Hz to 450Hz
gifBrake gifYes (default off)
gifLow-voltage protection point gifYes (default medium 3.0V/65%)
gifMotor Timing gifAutomatic
gifAcceleration start gifYes (default soft)
gifHelicopter Mode gifYes (default off)
gifWorking frequency gif8kHz

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