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JP Panic Kit



Having fun never goes out of fashion and neither does the Panic bipe. In the late ‘70s a group of competition pilots were flying a fantastic new biplane designed by the late Phil Newman. They got together after fun-fly competitions to put on the most amazing displays of aerial dancing the like of which had never been witnessed before. That bipe was known as the Panic and the rest, as they say, is history.

This new, revised kit from J.Perkins is bang up-to-date with laser-cut parts, pre-formed u/c, an interlocking wing construction and full instructions. It builds quickly and accurately and suits a .52 four-stroke, .60-.91 two-stroke or electric power and requires 4 or 5 standard size servos.

Panic is for everyone; whether you’re an experienced stick-banger, or relatively new and looking for your first aerobat. With a .60-size engine and low rates it’s friendly and fun, but insanely lively with a larger engine and huge control surface deflections. Just make sure you select your servos accordingly. We’d suggest Hitec HS635HBs for intermediate pilots and HS5625MGs for experts.


bullet A true all-time classic

  • bullet Traditional ‘quick-build’ kit
  • bullet Lightweight, high quality balsa and plywood construction
  • bullet Laser-cut parts including ribs, lightening holes and wing sheeting cut to size
  • bullet Simplified interlocking wing construction
  • bullet One-piece pre-lightened tail surfaces
  • bullet Pre-formed wire undercarriage
  • bullet Suits a wide range of engine sizes
  • bullet Easily converted for electric power


What’s in the box

bullet Laser-cut balsa and plywood parts

  • bullet Wire undercarriage parts ready for soldering
  • bullet Saddle clamps and screws for undercarriage
  • bullet 8x Wing tip 19mm press studs
  • bullet 1x Engine mount
  • bullet 1x Full instruction manual
  • Needed to Complete
  • bullet 1x 61 - 90 Glow engine or electric equivalent
  • bullet 23x Polyester hinges
  • bullet 1x Double control horn (rudder)
  • bullet 3x Single control horns (ailerons, elevator)
  • bullet Ball links and rod for upper aileron connection
  • bullet Standard size servos, 5 minimum.
  • bullet Closed loop system for rudder
  • bullet Elevator push rod
  • bullet Aileron push rods
  • bullet Throttle push rod
  • bullet Covering (recommended Oracover)
  • bullet Fuel tank (8oz Minimum)
  • bullet 2x 2 1/2in Wheels
  • bullet 4x Wheel collets 10SWG
  • bullet 2 x Glass fibre bandages for joing the wings

Specification of finished model

Weight 2400g 84.66oz
Length 970mm 38.19in
Wingspan 1,220mm 48.03in
Wing Area 63dm2 971.39in2


As this is a construction kit to build the basic airframe you will need other items such as covering etc to complete.

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