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ZTW Mantis Series 2-6S 120A OPTO High Voltage ESC


The ZTW 'Mantis' Series ESC's have a tremendous feature set and outstanding build quality which represent superb value for money for the discerning modeller. Renowned for their legendary bullet proof reliability these are true' fit and forget' units.

This is an OPTO Unit and therefore has no on board BEC so is for use where you supply your servos and receiver with a seperate power source.

Being a HV (High Voltage) unit this can handle input voltages up to 12 cell lipos!

ZTW are one of the most respected ESC and model electronic companies in the world and are the manufacturers of many popular and much higher priced brands.

If you want something with more than basic features that you can fine tune to your own requirements, built from quality components which when handled correctly will give you years of service and pleasure then look no further than a 'Mantis' ESC!

These ESC's are suitable for both fixed wing and helicopters, and can be programmed from the transmitter or optional Mantis programming card available at the bottom this page.

gifOutput gif120A (150A burst)
gifInput Voltage gif6 to 12 Li-Po, or 18 to 38 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd
gifBEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) gifNone - OPTO
gif48mm x 80mm x 21mm
gifWeight gif142g


bullet Brake Setting 4 types: OFF, SOFT, MIDDLE and Hard.
bullet Battery Type Selection: LiPo, NiMh or NiCad
bullet Low Voltage Cutoff Threshold configurable for all battery types - for LiPO (Low) 2.8v, (Medium) 3.0v, (High) 3.2v
bullet Timing Setups: Automatic (7-30º) - ESC will automatically detect the best motor timing, Low (7-22º) setting for most 2 pole motors, High (22-30º) Setting for most 6 or more pole motors.
bullet Governor Mode (Helicopters only) - please read the instruction manual for a detailed description of this feature
bullet Motor rotation - motor can be programmed for forward or reverse rotation - a great timesaver, no more swapping wires!
bullet Start up strength: 3 types, low, medium and high
bullet Low Voltage Cutoff Types: 1) Reduce power 2) Immediately cut power when the voltage reaches its lowest preset power
bullet Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
bullet Safety thermal overload protection
bullet Easy restoration of factory settings.
As supplied the default settings on the Mantis ESC are:
Brake Type: Brake Off
Battery Type: LiPo with Automatic Cell detective
Cut Off Voltage Threshold: 3.0V/60%
Motor Timing: Auto
Governor Mode: RPM OFF
Motor Rotation: Forward
Start Up Strength: 30%
Low Voltage Cut Off Type: Reduce Power

ESC battery & motor wires are supplied bare ended for you to fit your own connectors.

pdf To download a PDF of the instruction book please click here


Mantis Series Programming Card
If you don't like programming from the transmitter then this easy to use programming card is the ideal partner for your ZTW Mantis series ESC. With this card setting features is a breeze, you will find yourself experimenting with different settings much more and changes at the field are so easy.


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