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Watt Meters, Checkers etc

G.T. Power 180A Watt Meter & Power Analyzer WMGT/01
An absolutely ESSENTIAL piece of kit for ALL electric flyers. Measures 8 parameters key to electric power safety & performance. Takes all the guess work out of your set ups. Read on find out more - the best investment you can make.


GTPower 8S Battery Voltage Capacity Checker / Balance Discharger / Servo Tester GT8S Without doubt the best battery checker on the market. Capable of analysing up to 8s packs with a built in discharge/balance function and comprehensive servo tester. If you only get one accessory for electric flight get this!


Hitec LiPo Checker 2-6S & Balancer
The Hitec LiPo Checker has arrived and you are going to love it! Easy-to-read LCD display and built-in safety features, the convenience and accuracy of this tool can’t be beat. Plus it also includes a built-in lipo balancer. A great way to check and keep your lipos healthy!


G.T.Power LED Display Servo Tester ST07
A professional servo tester which is durable, easy to operate, fully functional?small and lightweight Uses intelligent MCU control stable operation., and it is a necessary tool for RC users.

One of those modelling 'must haves'.


CCPM Servo Tester

A great budget servo tester that can test up to 3 servos at a time and includes manual mode, neautral mode and automatic 'window wiper' mode. Great for testing all your servos and useful for model setupo where the receiver isn't installed.


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