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Treat yourself!

The Ares Neon-X Plus doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a box of fun. It’s tough, easy to fly and makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Heck, while you’re buying one for someone else you may as well treat yourself too.


Visibly Attractive
Two striking color schemes (bright orange and bright green), plus a vivid internal LED lighting system, add to the attraction of this remarkable little quad and make flying in the dark terrific fun.



Stability is Key

6-axis gyro stabilized flight makes the Neon-X Plus feel and perform
like a quad two or three times its size. You’ll love its super-smooth flying characteristics and positive control response.


The Neon-X Plus Story

Ares Ultra-Micro Neon-X Plus RTFThe Neon-X Plus is a high performance micro quad that's perfect for indoor flying in the smallest of spaces. Its bright LEDs mean that orientation is easy and that it's also massive fun to fly in the dark.
Features are plentiful and with three flight modes plus a flip function this palm-size ready to fly marvel is ideal for both the newcomer and the more experienced quad pilot. The integral rechargeable battery gives a flying time of around 4.5 minutes and, just as important, charging is quick and simple using the supplied USB charge lead.

Ready To Fly

The Ares Neon-X Plus comes 100% factory assembled and includes a 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter, an integral rechargeable LiPo battery, a USB charge lead and spare propellers. All you need to fly is two AAA batteries for the transmitter.

Protected Propellers

Durable guards protect the push-fit propellers from damage while the contrasting front / rear color scheme and attractive LED light system aid orientation.

Advanced Transmitter

Comfortable and compact the 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter offers digital trims, a 360° aileron or elevator-induced flip function and a beginner-friendly control sensitivity setting.


Suitable for all Abilities
Three control settings allow you to improve your flying skills at our own pace. Starting at ‘Low’ then moving through ‘Intermediate’ and on to ‘Advanced’ you’ll find that the Neon-X Plus gets increasingly more agile as you progress.

To download a PDF of the instruction sheet please click here



Diagonal length (motor shaft - motor shaft): 53mm
Diagonal length (perimeter guard): 96mm
Rotor Diameter: 30mm
Height: 23mm
Weight: 14g
Battery: Integral 1S 3.7V LiPo
Charger: 1S 3.7V USB
Transmitter: 4-channel 2.4GHz


What's in the box

Neon-X Plus micro quadcopter.
4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter.
Integral 1S 3.7V Li-Po.
USB charge lead.
Spare propeller set.


To Purchase - choose your colour

deal 2

Neon X Plus GREEN
Full Package as described above - GREEN




deal 2

Neon X Plus ORANGE
Full Package as described above - ORANGE