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Prolux 230V Digital LCD Sealing Iron

Anyone who flies R/C model aeroplanes will, at some point, have a need for a sealing iron. Whether it be to apply heat-shrink film, repair a dent in a foam model, or warm a sticker to help it adhere, the uses are numerous. Many struggle for years with domestic irons, never buy the right tool for the job and never get to know what they’re missing. Select any from our range of Prolux sealing irons and, truly, you’ll never look back. How so? Simple. The combination of size, perfect heat selection, and a clean-cut soleplate with precision tip, allows you to put heat right where you need it, even in hard to reach locations. Take a look at the features and ask yourself: How much longer you should I compromise?

This is the top of the range Prolux iron with accurate Digital LCD temperature reading making it the best purpose designed model covering iron you can buy!


bullet Precise digital temperature control from 100 to 220°C.
bullet LCD offers unparalleled accuracy.
bullet Selective °C or °F temperature measurement.
bullet Teflon coated soleplate.
bullet Precision tip for accurate application of heat.
bullet 6 hour auto cut-off.
bullet Ergonomic handle design.
bullet Perfect for heat-shrink films.
bullet LED preheat indicator.


Whats in the box

1 x Digital LCD sealing iron.
1 x Metal safety stand.
1 x Soleplate sock.


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