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FPV Served on a Plate

The Quantum FPV (First Person View) is a ready to fly quadcopter with built-in HD camera that gives a pilot’s eye view from the air in real time, displayed as video footage on the transmitter’s integral colour monitor.



High Capacity

A high capacity 350mAh rechargeable LiPo battery gives long flight times while the underslung battery compartment promotes quick removal and easy charging using the supplied USB charger.


The View From Above
With 720p HD video and still image recording, gyro-stabilized flight and smooth, responsive control you’re set to capture some stunning images and video.


The Quantum FPV Story
When it comes to shooting aerial video and still images, stability is key and in this respect the bigger the quadcopter the better the results. Offering a larger footprint, more power, a greater presence in the air and the control authority that goes hand-in-hand with an increase in size, the Ares Quantum FPV takes First Person View flying and creative video making to a new level.
Boasting an integral LCD monitor the included transmitter allows the Quantum’s 720p HD camera to stream bird’s-eye video directly to the pilot, whilst the quad’s advanced flight stabilization system helps keep your movies smooth and your photos sharp. Framing and filming couldn’t be easier using the transmitter’s remote camera controls and with storage taken care of on the quad’s 4GB micro memory card, no stone has been left unturned. It all adds up to a versatile and sophisticated package that even includes a USB card reader to allow you to view, transfer or upload your footage. Other handy features include three different flight modes that vary from super-stable to fast and furious, and as if that’s not enough, 360° flips are possible at the click of a button.
Supplied completely ready to fly with rechargeable batteries for the quad and the transmitter, the Quantum is a well appointed and versatile package. In fact, with bright LEDs on the underside to aid orientation, you can even fly it at night!

Ready To Fly
The Ares Quantum FPV comes 100% factory assembled and includes a 2.4GHz transmitter with integral colour monitor, a 4GB micro memory card, USB card reader, a 350mAh 2-cell 7.4V quadcopter LiPo, 450mAh 1-cell 3.7V transmitter LiPo, two USB chargers, spare propellers and a screwdriver. There’s nothing more to buy!


On-board Storage
Located on the underside of the quad a 4GB micro memory card keeps that precious footage safe until you’re able to upload it using the included USB card reader.



Suitable for All
With a contrasting front / rear colour scheme, inherent strength and intelligent flight modes that allow you to switch from super-stable to fast and furious, the Quantum FPV is perfectly placed to satisfy both new and experienced quad pilots.



Indoors or Out
Durable prop guards make the Quantum FPV perfect for smaller spaces, while ultra-bright front and rear LED lights mean there’s just as much fun to be had when the light is fading.




Download the Ares XView RTF Quad with Headset Manual Here




Length: 312.0mm
Width: 323.0mm
Height: 92.0mm
Weight: 167.0g RTF
Flight Battery: 2s 7.4V 25C 350mAh LiPo
Charger: 1 X 1S USB, 1 X 2S USB
Transmitter: 2.4GHz with built-in FPV monitor
Transmitter Battery: 1S 3.7V 5C 450mAh LiPo


HD Camera Specs

Video resolution: 1280 x 720p at 30 FPS (video)
Photo resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels (still)
Camera chip: 1/4" HD Color CMOS
Camera lens: 68° FOV
Video format: NTSC Pal
VTx power: 25mW


What's in the box

Recon FPV quadcopter with 720p HD camera
500mAh 1-cell 3.7V LiPo and USB charger
2.4GHz transmitter with integral FPV monitor
450mAh 1-cell 3.7V LiPo and USB charger for transmitter
4GB micro memory card and USB reader
Spare propeller set
Comprehensive instruction manual


To Purchase

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Quantum FPV
Full Package as described above