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Here at Airtek we have over the years sold a lot of budget sets for the first time user. All have been without doubt excellent value for money. But now we have the T8FB from Radiolink which propels the price/performance value to new heights. So please take some time to look at this listing and see just what you get for under £60. We have been blown away and we think you will be too!

    The TF8B is a full 8 CHANNEL system that comes complete with TWO RECEIVERS! For those wanting a basic no frills radio they can grow with this one is just perfect. You can also do basic programming via an android app or windows programme but you don't have to, everything is ready to use right out of the box!

    In short this is an absolute cracker of a radio. What is more Radiolink is now handled by a major UK Model distributor so you can be rest assured it is 100% legal for UK operation and, should the need arise, the backup is there. You really can't go wrong!

  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz
  • Modulation mode: QPSK
  • Channel bandwidth: 400KHz
  • Servo Reverse on front face
  • Supplied Mode 2, fully mode changeable
  • Channel pacing: 1200KHz spread spectrum FHSS
  • Transmitter power:<100mW (20dbm)
  • Sensitivity: -104dbm speed rate 38kbps
  • PWM output: 1.0ms - 2.0ms
  • section precision: 2048, 0.5us per section
  • Cycles: 15ms/per frame
  • Operating voltage: 7.4v - 15.0v
  • Operating current: 80mA @ 12v
  • Control distance: up to 500 meters ground and 1000 meters air, the actual control distance depends on flying environment
  • Channels: 8 channels, 5-8 channels are customised
  • Receiver R8EF operating voltage: 4.8v - 10v
  • Receiver R8EF operating current: <30mA
  • Receiver R8EF size: 48.5 x 21 x 11mm
  • Supports receivers: R8EF, R8FM, R4FG, R4F


      T8FB Transmitter Manual (2.6mb)


      For those who wish to explore the Android and PC apps for this radio there is a dedicated page on the Radiolink website with download links which you can find here

      The T8FB transmitter ONLY works with the R8EF receiver and NOT other receivers in the Radiolink Range.

      To Purchase

      deal 2

      Radiolink T8FB Transmitter and TWO R8EF 8 Ch Receivers
      Radiolink T8FB Transmitter Only.



      Please allow 2-3 working days for dispatch of Radiolink Products.









Non UK customers please ensure this item is compliant with the appropriate regulations in your country.

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