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P-47 Razorback 38-50cc (with retracts) 80in


By popular demand, an 80" span version of the massively sturdy and successful front-line fighter. Perfect for 38 – 50cc engines (or electric equivalent) and 9-channel radio.

So successful has been Seagull’s 63” P-47 Razorback, it seemed almost rude not to offer the model in a larger scale for those who like their warbirds powerful and imposing. This, then, is the result and what a gem it is. Modelled on 275719 (No.44) Piloted by LT James C. Hare (Jim ‘Wabbit’ Hare to his pals) of the 65th Fighter Group, Corsica, 1944, this is a striking example of Republic’s heavyweight fighter which, of course, was well respected for its mastery in both bomber escort and ground attack roles.

A close look at this new 80” span, 38cc eye-catcher will tell you all you need to know about Seagull’s commitment to quality and accuracy. Sporting perfect lines, an authentic matt-finish colour scheme and more scale detail than you can comfortably shake a stick at – not to mention a fully furnished cockpit – this is a model that will draw a crowd wherever it goes. But that’s just the half of it; good, stable, gun platform flying characteristics, Seagull’s renowned build quality and the convenience of a large top deck access hatch make it a must-have model for fighter fans with a spare 38 to 50cc engine kicking around.


  • Lightweight, high quality balsa and plywood construction.
  • Accurate, scale, matt finish colour scheme.
  • Covered in genuine Oracover film.
  • Factory painted and detailed fibreglass engine cowl.
  • Impressive cockpit detailing with lightweight painted pilot.
  • Removable forward hatch for easy radio and / or flight battery access.
  • Superb, stable flying characteristics.
  • Plug-in wing panels simplify transportation and field assembly.
  • Full hardware pack included for either glow or electric power.
  • Rugged, oleo style sprung, retractable undercarriage.
  • Flap equipped.
  • Crystal clear pre-painted canopy moulding.
  • Steerable tail wheel for improved ground handling.
  • Cowling diameter 220mm
  • Radio: 9 channels, 13 servos

      What's in the Box

    • 1x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.
    • 1x Factory assembled and covered 2-piece wing set.
    • 1x Factory assembled and covered tail set.
    • 1x Clear pre-painted canopy moulding.
    • 1x Lightweight pre-painted pilot figure.
    • 1x Factory painted, matt finish glass fibre cowl.
    • 1x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, pushrods, fuel tank etc.).
    • 1x Electric conversion hardware kit.
    • 1x Steerable tail wheel unit.
    • 1x Rugged oleo-style sprung retractable undercarriage set.
    • 2x Lightweight main wheels.
    • 1x Lightweight tail wheel.
    • 1x Scale drop tank and mount.
    • 1x Dummy radial engine moulding.
    • 2x Wing-mounted bombs.
    • 2x Wing-mounted rocket launcher tubes.
    • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.

    • Needed to Complete

    • 1x 38-50cc two-stroke engine or electric equivalent.
    • 1x 6-channel (minimum), 9-channel (recommended), transmitter and receiver combo.
    • 11x Standard-size, digital, high torque, metal gear servos.
    • 1x Propeller to suit chosen engine / motor.


      Please Note: Seagull kits can be sent to UK mainland addresses only

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